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Underage Users' Group

This drug and alcohol prevention program focuses on providing basic information regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs to adolescents identified by law enforcement, probation officials, school districts or agencies as issues with substance abuse.
Participation in the Underage User's Group is voluntary. Youth choosing to participate agree to the following conditions and responsibilities of the compliance:
  1. Attend two, three-hour group sessions (participants must arrive on time and remain for the entire session).  The three-hour group sessions will usually be on two different days, but there are instances when they will be held on the same day.
  2. Participate by sharing information and working toward program goals.
  3. Maintain confidentiality.
  4. Practice healthy, constructive life direction. Participation in the program, while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will result in discharge from the program, and,
  5. ARD clients must comply with all assessment recommendations.

Registration Instructions

Scroll down to see calendar showing available classes and for the link to register for the classes. Click the date on the calendar to open the registration window and follow the directions. 
Currently, classes are scheduled through December 2017.  There are no classes in May 2017 or July 2017.  More classes will be added as information is available.
If you need assistance, call 724-463-5300, x1211.

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